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  1. Hi!

    I just read your comments at this article about accessing the android calendar: http://jimblackler.net/blog/?p=151

    You posted there a method which updates one event of the calendar. I’m writing a calendar-helper class my own at the moment, but I don’t get how to update existing events (receiving and inserting does already work). Could you give me a hint how you did that? I tried the following: (in short.. running on froyo)

    Uri eventUri = Uri.parse(“content://com.android.calendar/events”+”/”+String.valueOf(eventId));
    contentResolver.update(eventUri, event, null, null);

    I guess that my Uri is wrong but I can’t find out how it should be.

    Andreas Bender

    • The update method I use is

      * Returns the number of rows updated
      * @param iEventID
      * as the eventID to update
      * @param whereArgs
      * as the Set arguments see Where class
      public int updateEvent(long iEventID, ArrayList whereArgs) throws HomeworkException
      if (calendarID != -1)
      if (contains(iEventID))
      Uri updateEventUri = Uri.withAppendedPath(eventsUri, String.valueOf(iEventID));
      ContentValues event = new ContentValues();

      for (int i = 0; i < whereArgs.size(); i++)
      Where w = whereArgs.get(i);
      event.put(w.getParam(), w.getValue());
      return a.getContentResolver().update(updateEventUri, event, null, null);
      throw new HomeworkException(STRING_ASSIGNMENT_NOT_FOUND, Exception_ID.ASSIGNMENT_NOT_FOUND);
      throw new HomeworkException(STRING_CALENDAR_NOT_SET, Exception_ID.CALENDAR_NOT_SELECTED);


  2. Your pro app is great, coupled with the “simple calendar widget” I get exactly what I was looking for: my homework integrated into a calendar widget on my homescreen.

    Any chance you could add the ability to use “{description}” in the calendar title format? This way I could actually see the assignment description rather than the type in the widget.


    • That’s certainly a possibility. I thought that this might clutter widgets so I decided not to allow it. I can enable it though if it sounds like something you might want to use.

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