Student’s Pet 1.3.2

June 14, 2010 at 11:20 pm | Posted in Information, Releases, Updates | Leave a comment

Student’s Pet 1.3.2 has been released.

Overall the application did not change much, but a few things were implemented to make life easier.

The swipe gesture has been implemented on the course lists and the edit assignment activity. (Swipe left/right to check it out!)

A couple weeks ago an Android 2.2 rom leaked onto the internet and some people are already running it, and because of that I had to update the Calendar system. It should not support android 2.2 as well as previous versions. If you have any issues adding assignments, removing assignments, updating assignments or viewing/editing your settings pleas contact me.

The about dialog has been improved to actually be useful.

The save button on the main window’s menu has been removed as it is pointless.

A help menu selection item replaced the save item, but has not been fully implemented as of yet.

The application’s performance has improved, but probably won’t be noticeable by users.

The next version to be released 1.3.5 should contain a lot more re-factorings to provide better performance and perhaps I can begin to implement skins/themes into this project.

Because there is potential for the application to crash with previous versions due to a user using android 2.2 this version is now available for both paid and free versions.


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