Student’s Pet 1.2.1

April 11, 2010 at 2:30 pm | Posted in Information, Updates | Leave a comment

Version 1.2.1 introduces a few bug fixes and performance benefits.

– Threading added to Assignment Types Activity (Manage Assignment Types)

– Error logging introduced, only used in 1 place (Settings) for the time being.

– Issue with HTC Droid Eris crashing on load of settings being investigated (Probably caused by calendar loading) – shouldn’t crash as of this version.

– Grading has been a part of this application since day one but I finally implemented it completely.
– To set an assignments score, long click the assignment -> edit and set the score.
– To view a course’s grade long click the course -> view grade
– An extensive grade breakdown was added to show in detail your %s in each category.
– Upon viewing your grade it will show you your %s for each base type (Test, Quiz, Research Paper.. etc..)
– Upon clicking one of those types it will show you your %s for each user defined type that is based on one of those types.
– Upon clicking one of those types it will show you your %s for each assignment for that user defined type.

– If it says no data, no assignments have been due yet, that just means the current date is before the due date.
– Assuming you can only get your score on or after the due date.

– String externalization has is nearly finished, but not quite yet. There are still a few buttons and text-fields not using them.
If you are unfamiliar with what string externalization, I will give a brief explanation.
String externalization allows the application to read strings from an external source so that components on the screen can have dynamic labels.
This is a very powerful tool because it provides the ability to load different Strings for different languages.
So, if any other languages are requested in the future, I can easily add them and setup a “Choose Language” option or perhaps the application will auto detect
your language.


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