Student’s Pet 1.1.10

April 2, 2010 at 9:59 pm | Posted in Updates | Leave a comment

Student’s Pet 1.1.10
Release Notes
Possibile force close error fixed
-Because the application currently doesn’t allow blank data sets to be saved
-If You have 2 courses, with 10 assignments in 1 course but 0 in the other
-And delete the course with 10 assignments and exit the app
-It will force close because of assignment counting due to the assignment
-Data for a 2nd course existing but no course for it to be held within
-The crash was caused by the assignment count function

Threading has been introduced. If you used the app often enough you may have noticed
a bit of lag when adding or removing an assignment. A much longer wait would occur if you
deleted a course with several assignments. This is now all handled within separate threads.

-performance gains due to threading

-functionality for “Assignment due in x days/hours/mins” added but not implemented yet

-more functionality built in for monitoring grades, but not yet complete.

-in addition to saving done on it’s own thread loading will be done on it’s own thread as well.

-saving blank data sets has been re-enabled (You can delete all assignments and all courses now.)

Version 1.1.10 should be in the market this week but I want to continue to test it for any possible issues for the next few days.


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