Student’s Pet 1.1.9 Released

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Student’s Pet 1.1.9 has been published in the market place with several changes.

For a complete list of updates check here


Student’s Pet 1.1.9

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This is build is currently still in development but a couple of things to see are:

Improved error handling and stability

Anytime A course or assignment are added, updated or removed data is saved to the phone. This is a temporary solution to a problem with data not saving correctly.

Force Close Error Fixed on View Assignments caused by non-existent assignment type. (This can happen because of the above. ^)

Due date has been added to the Due Soon activity as requested. It is in m/d format.

A potential issue with assignment deletion and calendar event removal has been fixed.

Calendar Events changed from all day to a time slot; starting at: Class Start Time – Ending at: Class Start Time + 1 hour

Assignments are now ordered by Due Date in the View Assignments Activity

Assignments now carry the due hour as the hour of the class the assignment belongs to. This is used in the due soon activity for better ordering.

Due Soon Activity update to prevent text behind date.

Student’s Pet 1.1.7 Released

March 18, 2010 at 2:40 pm | Posted in Releases, Updates | Leave a comment

Version 1.1.7 contains a minor fix to the Due Soon activity. It appears after adding all of the assignment type modifications I forgot to add the sort back in so assignments were not being sorted by due date. This is now patched thanks to somebody bringing it to my attention.

Student’s Pet 1.1.6 Released

March 17, 2010 at 6:48 pm | Posted in Releases, Updates | Leave a comment

Version 1.1.6 contains a minor bug fix where longer assignment names would be truncated and would force the user to use Edit Assignment to view what the assignment was.

Student’s Pet 1.1.5 Released

March 16, 2010 at 9:25 pm | Posted in Releases, Updates | Leave a comment

At this time I have published version 1.1.5 to the android market for both the free and full versions. This version does a couple of new things with the assignment types, added color to the due soon list and fixed a few force close bugs. I also fixed a potential error with the delete method for managing calendar entires that could cause Google Calendar sync to go crazy. All feedback is welcome, please report any errors/issues and I’ll be sure to take care of them.

Student’s Pet 1.1.5 Released

March 15, 2010 at 9:56 pm | Posted in Releases, Updates | Leave a comment

Well, I’m mostly done with the new update now, found another force close error and also updated the way calendar entries are made. Calendar entries now only have a start time because they are an all day event. This allows for implementation of 3rd party widgets to display calendar events easier. Expect the update in the market tomorrow.

Student’s Pet 1.1.5

March 14, 2010 at 8:59 pm | Posted in Updates | Leave a comment

Student’s Pet Version 1.0.5 is already in the works.
In the previous version you saw the introduction of assignment types that had base types (test, assignment, essay.. etc)

Because of the way types were implemented I can now alter the Due Soon page to have different filters.
To show all tests comming up for example. I already have a rough version up and running so expect an update
within 48 hours. This applies to trial and full versions.

Like always, if you have a suggestion for a feature or just an idea, post it and I’ll see if it can be implemented 🙂

Edit: I found an issue that can cause a force close. I will release an update tomorrow to fix that and also introduce the filtering discussed above.

Student’s Pet 1.1.0 Released

March 14, 2010 at 9:20 am | Posted in Releases | Leave a comment

The full version of Student’s Pet has been released as well as an update for the trial version. You can find all the details here

Students Pet 1.1.0

March 14, 2010 at 9:17 am | Posted in Updates | Leave a comment

Student’s Pet 1.1.0 contains a variety of updates. Most notably is the change with Assignments.

Version 1.1.0 introduces the concept of Assignment Types. Assignment Types are user defined preset assignment names and point values with an underlying type selected from a non customizable list. This is very useful because If your class has 10 Assignments previously you would have had to enter “Assignment 1”, “Assignment 2” and so on until you had them all in. By using Assignment Types you create a single type “Assignment” and select it when adding an assignment to your course. Then you can just change the text Assignment to “1”, “2” etc.

Assignment Types also have a base underlying type. Why? Well, It’s a pretty simple answer. If I allow users to make their own types, how do I discern between them within the code? There isn’t really a viable option other than going by what the user Types for the Assignment Type name “Test”,”Exam” etc. BY using these underling types I can add different views in the near future to display all upcomming tests, or all up comming projects, it adds a lot of functionality.

To add an assignment type you must first add a course and go into it’s assignment list. From there hit the menu button on your device and click “Manage Assignment Types”. Every course must have atleast one Assignment Type at all times and the default entry can only be edited not removed to ensure this. Assignment Types are all unique to the Course in which they are created for. In the future there may be some sort of option for “Global Types” but not yet.

The settings activity now holds a check box to enable or disable syncing with the calendar. If this is checked it will sync to the calendar and if it’s unchecked it will not. What’s this mean? If you disable calendar sync and then create an assignment it will not be added to your calendar. If you then enable calendar sync and update that assignment it will be added to the calendar. However, If sync is enabled and you create an assignment, and then disable sync and delete that assignment it will not be removed from the calendar. You will have to do it manually so be careful when playing with sync on/off.

A special thanks to Zac for creating our new icons for showing whether an assignment has been completed or not and also for our new icon.

–Bug Fixes

A small bug with calendar selection has been fixed. The bug caused a non existent calendar to be used by default if no calendar was selected in result causing calendar sync to appear to be broken.

Color selection in add/edit course has been fixed to avoid a color selection problem.

Add New Assignment selection with hardware keyboard would not work and cause a force close error. This has been resolved, if you’re using a hardware keyboard long click this button. I have not figured out why it did that yet, very odd error.

Student’s Pet 1.0.7 Released

March 14, 2010 at 8:57 am | Posted in Releases | Leave a comment

Student’s Pet 1.0.7 trial has been released and is currently in the market

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